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Mel Fisher, a dreamer, a visionary, a legend and most importantly, the World's Greatest Treasure Hunter! Mel Fisher did what many have not - he realized his dream during his lifetime. Everyday he insisted, Today's the Day! His mantra continues to inspire the search for the remaining treasure from the Nuestra Senora de Atocha and the Santa. Mel Fisher's Expeditions is currently working on four (4) major salvage projects. Our first two projects are continuing our search and recovery of the remaining treasure from the Atocha and Santa Margarita. These treasure Galleons were part of a Spanish fleet that sank during a hurricane in 1622, off the coast of Key West

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Mel Fisher's company, Mel Fisher's Treasures, sold the rights to the 1715 Treasure Fleet shipwreck to Queens Jewels, LLC. Legacy. Fisher hired Duncan Matthewson as chief archaeologist during the Atocha period, and Treasure Salvors, Inc.'s employees became experts in recovery and conservation of underwater artifacts Atocha Atocha Coins Authentic Atocha Coins Mel Fisher Mel Fisher's Treasures Shipwreck Jewelry Treasure. Sort by. Showing 1 - 24 of 29 results 1 2. Quick View. NEW ARRIVAL Authentic Atocha Grade 1, 8 Reales mounted in 14k Bezel. $4,840.00. Quick View. NEW ARRIVAL Authentic Atocha Grade 1, 4 Reales mounted in 14k Bezel. This museum is dedicated to the life and legacy of world famous treasure hunter Mel Fisher. Inside you will see a plethora of Spanish artifacts from the Treasure Galleons of the 1715 Fleet and the Nuestra Senora de Atocha that were recovered by Mel and his team Mel Fisher, the treasure hunter who found his fortune in the underwater treasures left behind by unlucky Spanish sea captains of the 1600s and 1700s, died Saturday after a long battle with cancer

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  1. Mel Fisher Maritime Museum home of the sunken Spanish galleons Nuestra Senora de Atocha and Santa Margarita and the slave ship Henrietta Marie
  2. (Emphasis added.) Officials of the Florida Division of Archives threatened to arrest Mel Fisher, president of Treasure Salvors, and to confiscate the boats and equipment of Treasure Salvors if it commenced salvage operations on the Atocha without a salvage contract from the State. Under this threat of arrest, Treasure Salvors executed a one.
  3. Real pieces of 8! Over 40 TONS of solid Gold! and countless priceless artifacts were found by diving for buried or sunken treasure by Mel Fisher. Mainly from..
  4. This is the story of Mel and his family's search through the years. Originally written by Bleth McHaley & Wendy Tucker . July 20, 1985 was the day at last when Mel Fisher, the world's greatest treasure hunter, found his dream of dreams, the priceless treasure cargo of the fabled lost Spanish galleon Atocha
  5. Mel Fisher's Treasures is the trusted source for authentic shipwreck treasure and one-of-a-kind treasure jewelry. If you would like to purchase a coin over the phone or have any questions please call 800-434-1399 or 305-295-955

The Mel Fisher Story. April 29, 2021. This is the story of Mel and his family's search through the years. Originally written by Bleth McHaley & Wendy Tucker. July 20, 1985 was the day at last when Mel Fisher, the world's greatest treasure hunter, found his dream of dreams, the priceless treasure cargo of the fabled lost Spanish galleon Atocha Dreams of Gold: The Mel Fisher Story: Directed by James Goldstone. With Cliff Robertson, Loretta Swit, Ed O'Ross, Scott Paulin. The true story of treasure hunter Mel Fisher, who spent much of his life--and his fortune--hunting for sunken Spanish treasure galleons off the coast of Florida Mel Fisher, renowned treasure hunter, admits selling several counterfeit coins at his gift shop in Key West, Fla, and agrees to pay customers their purchase prices of $2,500 to $10,000; Fisher's. Mel Fisher, a former chicken farmer who became a Horatio Alger figure among undersea treasure hunters, died on Saturday at his home in Key West, Fla. He was 76. The cause was complications from.

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At a Glance. Famed treasure hunter Mel Fisher discovered the wreck of the Atocha in 1985. The ship was sunk by a hurricane in 1622. Each year's finds are divided among investors Mel Fisher died on December 19, 1998, however, he left behind the Mel Fisher Center, Inc., which provides conservation and exhibition facilities for many of the treasures found during his salvage.

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Beginning in 1969, American treasure hunters Mel Fisher, Finley Ricard and a team of sub-contractors, funded by investors and others in a joint venture, Treasure Salvors, Inc., searched the sea bed for Nuestra Señora de Atocha for sixteen and a half years. In 1970, Fisher had recovered portions of the wrecked cargo of the sister ship Santa. Treasure Salvors announced last week that 10 bronze cannons, worth about $20,000 each and identified as part of the battery of the galleon Atocha, had been found 50 feet below the surface of the Gulf

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Atocha Treasure Adventures: Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon Havana Connection is real life, real adventure, real treasure account written by one of Mel Fisher's Golden Crew. Syd Jones worked as a diver, boat captain and operations manager of Mel Fisher's famous Treasure Salvors company, headquartered in Key West, Florida Authentic Treasure from Mel Fisher's Atocha Salvage. The Authentic Treasure items shown for sale on this site have steadily increased in value since owned. They have never depreciated and their price growth has far exceeded the US monetary inflation rate. There are now lest than 10 coins left from the original collection of 20 items Mel Fisher's company, Mel Fisher's Treasures, sold the rights to the 1715 Fleet shipwreck to Queens Jewels, LLC. In 2015, 1715 Fleet - Queens Jewels, LLC and their founder Brent Brisben discovered $4.5 million in gold coins off the coast of Florida; the coins come from the 1715 Fleet shipwreck. List of identified ships. Urca de Lim

Born in Indiana and a dive shop pioneer in California, Mel Fisher (August 21, 1922 - December 19, 1998) was an American treasure hunter best known for finding the 1622 wreck of the Nuestra Señora de Atocha. Diving became a family business: he lost his son and daughter-in-law when their boat capsized and sank in 1975 Both the McLarty Treasure Museum and Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum tell the fascinating history of one of Spain's treasure ships, the Atocha (pronounced ah-toes -sha, emphasizing the second syllable). The fleet of ships transported gold, silver, and jewels from the new lands to Spain, with most of the wealth going toward war preparation

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  1. Mel Fisher, the most famous treasure hunter of his time, was born Aug. 12, 1922 in Gary, Ind., was trained as hydraulic engineer at Purdue and Alabama University, but then moved to California and.
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  3. Mel Fisher: Treasure hunter. In this 1985 photo, Mel Fisher (left) holds a champagne bottle as his son, Kane Fisher, lifts a gold bar after a treasure find estimated to be worth $400 million
  4. Atocha Treasure Coins specializes in the sales of authentic Atocha coins recovered by Mel Fisher from the Atocha shipwreck, a Spanish galleon lost off the Florida Keys during a hurricane in 1622. Over 160,000 shipwreck coins, mostly 8 reales issues or pieces of eight, were salvaged along with numerous other historical artifacts
  5. Anything interactive (including the film about Mel Fisher's lifelong dedication to finding the Atocha treasure) is gone. Most details of his journey of perseverance and loss are gone. In place of what used to be there is a very extensive homage to the slaves that Spain sent in order to recover the lost treasure in the 1600s
  6. Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum tells the story of one mans passion for diving, history, and treasure hunting. Mel Fisher became famous for his 16 year search for the Nusetra Senora de Atocha which sank off the Florida Keys in 1622. As he searched for the ship Fisher would start every day with his quote Todays the Day!

Vice President Gary Randolph of Mel Fisher's Treasures and the crew of the Dare had a very successful survey trip with Dolores this past week. Keep up with a.. In 1969, Mel Fisher and his Treasure Salvors crew began a sixteen year quest for the treasure of the Atocha. They spent long years following the wreck's elusive, breadcrumb-like trail - sometimes finding nothing for months, and then discovering bits and pieces that teasingly indicated the proximity of the ship and its cargo On July 16 th, Zach Moore, an engineer at Mel Fisher's Treasures (a salvage company), found a rare gold coin in about 30 feet of water. This is the 121st coin that's been found belonging to the ship and the first one discovered since 2001. Moore is part of the team working on Mel Fisher's J.B. Magrude salvage vessel at the site of the shipwreck that interestingly enough, his father Bill.

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  1. In 1985, Mel Fisher (a famous treasure-hunter) found the Atocha and the motherlode of gold, silver, cooper and emeralds were finally discovered after spending more than 16 years. The estimated worth of the treasure recovered is $450 million, which is only half the treasure that went down with Atocha
  2. e named Mel Fisher. He was born in Indiana and spent time in California. He had one of the first dive shops in the USA. And then he moved to Key West, Florida and started looking for treasure. He spent 16 years looking for that treasure with his family and team of 'dreamers.
  3. One famous Key West resident and treasure hunter was Mel fisher who searched for 16 years for the remains of the Nuestra Senora De Atocha, a ship that sank off the Florida Keys during a hurricane in 1622. He never gave up on his dream despite several personal and financial losses
  4. Our show takes a look inside the Mel Fisher Museum in Key West, FL. Hear the story of the Mel's quest for the Atocha.http://www.travelthruhistory.tv/mel_fis..
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Mel Fisher's Treasures salvage vessel J.B. Magruder with newly appointed Captain Tim Meade at the helm discovered an exceedingly rare Atocha gold coin on July 16 in just 30 feet of water. Congratulations to Captain Tim and the entire Magruder crew, said Nichole Fisher. The coin was found by second-generation.. Hi, this is KT Bud Jones and Taffy fishers asked me to share a treasure hunting story with you from our years Diving with Mel Fisher and family and treasures on the A in the Margarita site. This story is from the summer of 1985 before the main pile We were asked to go out on the Saba Rock Sid and I rarely dove together and often we're not on. Browse our gallery of Mel Fisher's Atocha 1622 shipwreck coins for sale. Atocha shipwreck coin necklaces for sale in sterling silver, 14K Gold and 18K Gold. Every shipwreck Piece of Eight is authentic and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 30+ Years Experienc Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum is located at 1322 U.S. Highway 1, Sebastian, Florida. It houses exhibits on archaeology and the 1715 Spanish treasure fleet About MEL FISHER MARITIME MUSEUM. Relive the life of one of history's most famous treasure hunters along with a wealth of exhibits on shipwreck archaeology with this admission to the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum. This Key West institution showcases a variety of treasures, both cultural and monetary, recovered from the treasure and slave ships.

Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum Who is Mel Fisher. Mel Fisher is a world famous treasure hunter who started his treasure hunting career in Vero Beach, Florida in 1963, with the successful salvage of the Spanish 1715 Fleet, which was lost in a hurricane Mel Fisher and his company Treasure Salvors, Inc., discovered the main wreck site on July 20, 1985 and ultimately recovered over 160,000 silver Spanish colonial coins. The Atocha has the distinction of being the richest Spanish treasure galleon recovered to date. Certificates of Authenticity accompany all Atocha Shipwreck treasure coins

Famed treasure hunter Mel Fisher searched for many years with the help of investors and recovered the shipwreck's treasure. The treasure from the Nuestra Señora de Atocha is calculated to be worth more than $4 million. Visitors to the museum enjoy a 15-minute movie about the ship, search, and recovery of the treasure Mel Fisher would not be denied his treasure and implemented a controversial mining technique, disturbing the ocean floor until finally, in 1985, uncovering the long awaited haul, The Big Pile as it was called 2015-01-27T20:38. Seems everyone has at least heard that Mel Fisher was here in Utah not long before he died. Reading back through the threads I found that someone heard that he had fourteen claims at one area--another heard that he made claims in the Uintah area--he tried to contract with the Ute tribe but failed for some Spanish treasure Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum is located at 1322 U.S. Highway 1, Sebastian, Florida.It houses exhibits on archaeology and the 1715 Spanish treasure fleet. Taffi Fisher, Mel Fisher's daughter, opened the museum in December 1992 in an old abandoned fire station after renovating the building. The museum included a working conservation laboratory used to preserve artifacts recovered from.

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The last coin from the sunken treasure of Nuestra Señora de Atocha was recovered 20 years ago, in 2001. With this discovery, they are already 121 coins found of the galleon cargo.. The remains of the galleon were discovered in 1985 by diver Mel Fisher, along with members of his team, including Zach Moore's father A tiny portion of the hoard of treasures that were eventually found in the wreck of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha. Credit: Mel Fisher Treasures. The mission to find the Atocha and her treasure became the fixation of a chicken farmer turned deep-sea diver named Mel Fisher, who searched doggedly for the treasure for 16 years from 1969 And Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum in Sebastian is dedicated to it. It turned from a hobby, it was a passion, and we kept taking it further and further and further, said Martinez

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Source: Mel Fisher's Treasures Gold bars and coins recovered from the $450 million treasure cache discovered on the Atocha shipwreck. Those with an eye toward ROI (return on investment), though. Rivers of rum and Coke are flowing. Swaggering old salts are swapping tales by the treasure-trunk load. Twenty years after Mel Fisher discovered the lode of a 17th-century Spanish galleon and its. Mel Fisher's youngest son, Kane, dove down to a crater excavated by the Southwind, and found a silver bar. There were numbers incised on the bar which, when compared with the manifest of the Atocha , proved to be from that ship (although rival treasure hunters claimed that it had been a plant Sean Fisher: Driven by Passion and Heritage. Sean Fisher was 7 years old when his grandfather, Mel Fisher, discovered the legendary shipwreck of the 17th-century Spanish treasure galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha in Key West waters. While others marveled at the Atocha's priceless historic artifacts and treasures, later to be valued at $450. Mel Fisher was the treasure hunter made famous for his 16-year search for the Spanish galleon Atocha shipwreck. His mission led to the discovery of a $450 million mother lode in the waters off Key.

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Mel Fisher Net Worth: Mel Fisher was an American treasure hunter who had a net worth of $100 million. Mel Fisher was born in Indiana in August 1922 and passed away in December 1998. He was best. Mel Fisher, a former chicken farmer turned diving shop owner, spent 16 years searching for the famed treasure. While Mel found many clues scattered across the Florida coast, such as copper cannons that were inscribed as belonging to the Atocha , the actual shipwreck continued to elude Mel and his team of divers Zach Moore, an engineer at Mel Fisher's Treasures, a salvage company, discovered the gold coin in 30 feet of water on July 16, the 121st coin found from the wreck and the first since 2001. 'Today's value is estimated to be at least $98,000, even more, if it's from a rare mint,' Mel Fisher's Treasures wrote in a blog post Mel Fisher's Treasures, Key West: Address, Mel Fisher's Treasures Reviews: 4.5/5. See all things to do. Mel Fisher's Treasures. See all things to do. See all things to do. Mel Fisher's Treasures. 4.5. 37 #24 of 140 Shopping in Key West. Speciality & Gift Shops. Visit website. About. Suggested duratio Hi, Im trying to find some unusual places to go to and things to do while in Key West and see that Mel Fishers Treasure Museum is just off Duval St. (where most of the activity is). For those of you who have visited the Museum can you tell me if you thought it was a valuable usage of time, what w..

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In capital letters the front page of the prospectus for Mel Fisher's Treasure Salvors warns would-be investors: These securities involve a high degree of risk. But gold fever always has produced. Government sues treasure hunter Mel Fisher. By. TOBIN BECK. MIAMI -- The government filed suit Wednesday against renowned underwater treasure hunter Mel Fisher, contending his way of uncovering. Atocha Shipwreck Treasure Mel fisher silver coin pendant. Pamela May 4, 2021. 5 out of 5 stars. Fastest shipping! Beautiful larger than I thought. ️ I lost mine years ago. this is a beautiful replacement. Purchased item: Atocha Big Shipwreck Coin Pendant in 14kt gold bezel. Previous page. Current page The Mel Fisher Maritime Museum Online Store. Free USA Shipping - All orders of $150 or more. Cart: (0).

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Mel Fisher's Treasures sold the rights to all leases on the water's of the 1715 fleet to a company called Queen's Jewels LLC about 3 years ago. You really would not hear much about the 1715 Fleet from us as the sites are no longer ours. We do still work the wreck-sites of the Atocha and Santa Margarita all year long The celebration is held to commemorate Mel Fisher's famous 16-year search for the Spanish galleon Atocha which lead to a $450 million dollar treasure discovery in the waters just off Key West. Fisher was an American treasure hunter. He is best known for finding the 1622 wreck of the Nuestra Señora de Atocha. A tribute museum contains an. A rare gold coin from the 'world's most valuable shipwreck,' the ill-fated Nuestra Senora de Atocha, has been found off the Florida Keys. Zach Moore, an engineer at Mel Fisher's Treasures, a salvage company, discovered the gold coin in 30 feet of water on July 16, the 121st coin found from the wreck and the first since 2001

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Supplied with the original Mel Fisher's photo type Certificate of Authenticity made specifically for Huber H series, one of Treasure Salvors largest investors. An excellent, heavy weight, large diameter Atocha grade 1 coin. Click on picture to enlarge 8 Reales: Item#: 7154 (85A-164286). Mel Fisher, 76, a treasure hunter who found fortune in underwater riches left behind by unlucky Spanish sea captains, died of cancer Dec. 19 at his home in Key West, Fla. The Fisher family struck. Mel fishers's travel over the treasure tail of Spanish shipwrecks is now worlk famous, but few realize what a bumpy ride it was. Many books have been written about his search for the spanish galleon ATOCHA, sunk off the Florida Keys in 1622, and the finding of her great treasures The new Mel Fisher's Treasures retail store, located at The District at Green Valley Ranch, features original pieces of history from the great treasure hunters' many adventures. The store design encompasses the appearance of walking across the ocean floor, complete with sand colored floors and a ceiling with a glowing blue hue simulating. First of all Mel Fisher was a remarkable treasure hunter who became world-famous in 1985 when he located the Nuestra Señora de Atocha (Spanish for Our Lady of Atocha). it was a Spanish treasure galleon, wrecked 31 miles off the coast of Key West, and the most widely known vessel of a fleet of ships that sank in a hurricane off the Florida Keys.

This bar is listed as number 296 in the book of Spanish Treasure Bars from New World Shipwrecks (which accompanies the bar). The bar is also accompanied by the original Certificate of Authenticity issued by Mel Fisher's company, Treasure Salvors Inc., shown above Sep 23, 2017 - Explore Donna Joseph's board Atocha treasures on Pinterest. See more ideas about atocha, treasures, shipwreck treasure Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum is located at 1322 U.S. Highway 1, Sebastian, Florida. It houses exhibits on archaeology and the 1715 Spanish treasure fleet.. Taffi Fisher, Mel Fisher's daughter. Atocha Shipwreck Treasure Mel fisher silver coin bracelet 7 No1shopStore $ 220.00. Atocha Shipwreck Silver coin pendant No1shopStore $ 250.00. Atocha silver with 14kt Gold JACKSPIRITdesigns $ 299.00 FREE shipping ATOCHA Coin Pendant 14K Gold Overlay Design Era 1600-1700 Sunken Treasure Shipwreck Coin Jewelry.

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The Search for Golden Treasure exhibit features items discovered by Indiana native Mel Fisher & his company Treasure Salvors, Inc. They are from the ships Atocha & Margarita which sank during a hurricane in 1622 near the Florida Keys In 1985, treasure hunter Mel Fisher found $500 million of the buried treasure less than 160 kilometers (100 mi) off the coast of Key West. Experts believe there is still plenty of treasure to find. The original captain's manifest states there are still about 17 tons of silver bars, 128,000 coins of different values, 27 kilos of emeralds, and. Find 2 listings related to Mel Fisher Treasure in Sebastian on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Mel Fisher Treasure locations in Sebastian, FL It comes with its original, sealed Mel Fisher Cobb Coin Company Certificate of Authenticity from back in the 1970s and early '80s, during the Glory Days of the 1715 Fleet. During this time, part of Mel's crew was searching for the Atocha off Key West (they discovered it in 1985). This is true Treasure Hunter memorabilia - rare and valuable

1 review of Mel Fisher's Treasure I love this kind of stuff. Sunken ship and lost treasures.. Woo- hoo. Lots of old items to look at in this museum. Learn about the ships also Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for THE MEL FISHER COMMEMORATIVE MEDALLION MADE FROM ATOCHA TREASURE INGOTS! at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products 4 reviews of Mel Fisher's Treasures What a great educational Stop. This a nice little museum dedicated to one mans life in pursuit of treasure. First off they have a Military Discount for all you Vets out there :D You can do the self guided tour and for I think two more bucks you can get the recording to listen to while you walk. We chose to forgo the recording A visit to Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum affords you the distinct opportunity to own a piece of history, unique gold escudos or silver reales in fine jewelry settings, museum quality reproductions as well as other nautical gifts from our Gift Shop. Museum Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm; Sunday 12pm - 5pm The Mel Fisher family has decided to do a 2nd Virtual Mel Fisher Days Silent Auction and has gathered over $20,000 of treasure and merchandise to auction for this virtual charity event. Preview for the online auction opens Tuesday June 20 th and the bidding for the booty begins Thursday, July 1 st and continues until 5pm EST, Tuesday July. Apr 30, 2013 - Explore Rebecca Brown's board The Atocha Treasure's, followed by 374 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about atocha, treasures, mel fisher