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Super Angebote für Picea Conica Glauca hier im Preisvergleich. Große Auswahl an Picea Conica Glauca Günstige Preise & Mega Auswahl für Picea Pungens Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa'. Family Pinaceae. Genus Picea are evergreen trees with rigid, needle-like leaves arranged singly all round the shoots, and narrow, leathery-scaled cones borne near the ends of the shoots. Details 'Globosa' is a slow-growing conifer making a dense, spreading evergreen small shrub with rigid, blue-grey needles Characteristics Glauca Globosa is a dwarf, globe-shaped, blue-needled, evergreen shrub with a flattened top that will slowly grow over time to1.2 metres (4ft) tall and to 1.5 metres (5ft) wide. The blue needles hold their color well throughout the year, but are brightest when they first emerge in spring. Where to grow Easily grown in average medium moisture humus rich, well-drained soils in. Picea pungens (Glauca Group) 'Globosa' (Colorado spruce 'Globosa') will reach a height of 1.5m and a spread of 2m after 20-50 years. Suggested uses. Architectural, Low Maintenance. Cultivation. Grow in moist, well-drained, acid soil in full sun

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The right time to plant Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' is during the dormancy period. In Western Europe, Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' with root balls can generally be planted from mid-November to late April, although this depends strongly on the climatic conditions and the species of tree Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' Description: Dwarf conifer with dense globe-shaped habit and stunning glaucous blue leaves. This evergreen blue-needledc onifer has a distinctive flattened top and thopugh slow growing reach 1 metre' tall and to 1.2 metres wide over time

Picea pungens (Glauca Group) 'Globosa' boasts breathtaking, blue-grey needles all the year round, but is especially attrative in spring when the new growth emerges silvery-blue. This eye-catching RHS AGM conifer creates an outstanding focal point in the garden, adding year round, colour, texture and structure Picea Pungens 'Globosa' from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy - Information: flat topped with dense habit and stunning glaucous blue leaves. Evergreen - prickly blue-grey needles. Bright silver-blue shoots in springHeight - 1.5m (5ft Standard Picea Pungens Glauca Globosa 30Litre : Standard Picea Pungens Glauca Globosa established 15 litre plants with a head size of around 40/50 cm and clear stem of 60/70cm. Picea are evergreen trees that are often referred to as Colorado Spruce tree, Glauca Globosa is a slow growing conifer, that makes a dense evergreen shrub they are super hardy to -20

Picea Pungens Glauca Globosa 1/4 Standard 40cm Stem 18 Litre Pot. £128.50. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Picea Pungens Glauca Globosa are slow growing, dwarf conifers with a pyramid shape. Stiff silvery blue branches, has an intense bright blue new foliage. 1/4 Standard Form. 40cm stem. Learn More Picea Pungens Globosa, more commonly known as the Colorado Spruce, is a low growing compact conifer.Max height 1.5m which can take over 15 years. This plant is sold at a mature size around 80-100cm height. This striking variety has silvery blue pine needles as foliage and as an evergreen conifer it looks spectacular alongside red foliaged plants such as Nandina Domestica or Acer Bloodgood Click & Collect only. Position: Sun/partial shade Soil: Humus rich, moist and well drained. Height/Spread (in approx. 10 years time): 60cm (2ft) Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' 7.5L A dense spreading plant with rigid needles in a bright silver blue - would look good at the front of a border to give winter colour especially with gold foliaged plants Picea pungens, commonly called Colorado spruce (also blue spruce), is a medium to large, narrow, pyramidal conifer with horizontal branching to the ground. It typically grows 30-60' tall in cultivation, but may reach 100' or more where it grows naturally. 'Glauca Globosa' is a dwarf, globe-shaped, blue-needled, evergreen shrub with. Picea pungens glauca 'Globosa' / Globosa Spruce: Growing zones 2-8. Grows to a height of 3ft. and a spread of 5ft.. The Globosa Spruce is a small rounded evergreen with bright blue needles and a compact shape. Its size and color make it a perfect landscape plant. It prefers full sun and good drainage

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  1. Picea pungens glauca. Picea pungens glauca is the original Blue Spruce, a lovely grey blue-tinted conifer with an upright conical-shape. It works well as a freestanding tree in your garden. Easily grown in average, acidic, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun
  2. Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' RHS Plants for Pollinators plants This plant will provide nectar and pollen for bees and the many other types of pollinating insects
  3. Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' The original dwarf Colorado Blue Spruce evergreen conifer (or should we say everblue), this is likely the one where it all started and continues to be the plant against which all other dwarf blue spruces are judged; matures into a round globe very slowly. Must be pruned later to keep round and tight
  4. Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa', Ялина колюча 'Глаука Глобоза' Ялина 'Glauca Globosa' - одина з найелегантніших садових хвойних рослин, і в той же час невибаглива і проста у вирощуванні

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Colorado Blue Spruce. Write a Review. £29.99. Code: 15226. Availability: Out of stock. Email. Email. Wishlist. This is a medium-sized, pyramidal to conical, evergreen conifer with beautifully-coloured, stiff and bristly silvery-blue needles that point out from the branches in all directions Picea pungens 'Hoopsii' is a beautiful small blue Spruce tree that makes an exceptional specimen tree. The chunky needles are vivid silver-blue, displaying their brightest colour when young. Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit, Hoopsii will add a splash of wonderfully vibrant colour to your garden When fully mature, Picea Pungens Kosteriana Glauca is from 2.5 to 4 meters high, and around 1.5 meters wide. This evergreen conifer offers great architectural value and works well both as a specimen tree and in mixed borders. Pair Colorado Blue Spruce Koster with colourful, autumn interest cultivars that will accentuate its silvery-blue foliage. All the knowledge. Almost all of the trees. https://www.vdberk.co.uk/trees/picea-pungens-glauca-globosa/ Title: Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' Created Date: 8/1/2021. Please choose options for all selected products. This Item: Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' Lolipop Dwarf Colorado Blue Spruce. $40.00. (You save ) Choose Options. Size: Required 0-1 year 1-2 years 2-3 years 3-4 years 4-5 years 5-6 years 6-7 years 7-8 years 8-9 years 9-10 years 10 + years. Desired Shipping Date Range: Required Summer (7-12-21 to.

'Glauca' 'Glauca Globosa' Neat, dense, compact, rounded shape 'Glauca Pendula' Blue needled, sprawling, spreading form 'Hoopsii' Dense, pyramidal form and extremely glaucous blue needles 'Mission Blue' Rigid tiered branches and fine foliage that emerges steel blue and matures to a deeper blue 'Moerheimii' Rich blue foliage, more open habit. pungens. Originating from the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming and Colorado, USA, Picea pungens forms a tall stately upright growing conifer that is ideal for adding structure to the garden during the winter months. It will thrive on any fertile, moisture-retentive but free draining soil with a neutral to acidic pH Picea Pungens Glauca Globosa Blue Spruce. 70628B. Product Photos. Hover on image to Zoom. Touch on image to Zoom. of Images & Videos. Share by Email. 70628B. Picea Pungens Glauca Globosa Blue Spruce. 70628B. Pick-Up, Delivery, or Shipping. Select at Cart. Conveniently pick-up your items from your branch The blue spruce (Picea pungens), also commonly known as green spruce, white spruce, Colorado spruce, or Colorado blue spruce, is a species of spruce tree. It is native to North America, and is found in USDA growing zones 1 through 7. Its natural range extends from northern New Mexico through Colorado and Utah to Wyoming and into Alberta and British Columbia, but it has been widely introduced.

Category: Picea pungens ' Glauca Globosa ' Search for: Search. Showing the single result. Read more. Globosa Colorado Blue Spruce. Easily grown in average, acidic, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun. Tolerates some light shade. Prefers rich, moist soils. Although established plants have some drought tolerance, soils should be kept. Glauca Globosa. '. Blågran 'Glauca Globosa' er en busk i Furufamilien. Den er registrert som herdig til sone H7, og kan klare seg i stort sett hele Norge. Den blir typisk rundt 150 cm høy. Blomsten har røde kronblad, og bladene er grålige (glaukiske). Arten regnes som hjemmehørende i Nord-Amerika

Mar 4, 2012 - The Friendly Neighbourhood Gardener We grow, source and sell plants of all kinds. We focus on: - Planning and designing planting solutions - Spreading the good news of planting Native Ontario plants - Growing plants that produce food - because plants need jobs, too Two Location Picea Pungens Glauca Globosa are slow growing, dwarf conifers with a pyramid shape. Stiff silvery blue branches, has an intense bright blue new foliage. Picea - spruce - can be identified by their conical shape and spiral branches, some of the needles are shed when 4-10 years old, leaving the branches looking and feeling rough Picea pungens (Glauca Group) 'Globosa' Blue Spruce 'Globosa' Spruce trees are evergreen conifers with needles, rather than leaves. The needles of a spruce can be identified by being attached individually to the twig, and they are 4-sided, and can be rolled between your fingers. Blue Spruce has good Christmas tree shape, and silvery-blue foliage

Buy Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' Browse our selection of Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' plants available to buy now and get delivered to your door. Candide is the place to buy plants and gardening accessories online. When shopping on Candide, you'll be buying directly from small, independent businesses and plant lovers based across the UK Description 'Glauca Globosa' is a dwarf, globe-shaped, blue-needled Colorado Blue Spruce cultivar with a distinctive flattened top. Morphology: This short evergreen shrub grows 3'-5' tall and spreads 4'-6' wide. Stiff, bristly, four-angled, green to blue-green to silver-blue needles (to 1.5 long) point outward from the branches in all directions Dense powder blue foliage grows in globe shape. Deer resistant. Hardy zones 3-8 Slow-growing, Picea pungens 'Globosa' (Colorado Spruce) is a dwarf, broadly pyramidal, densely branched, evergreen shrub with rigid, silvery blue needles. The attractive blue needles hold their color well throughout the year. A very charming Colorado Spruce that stands out in the garden, specifically in the spring when the new growth is at its most intense blue


FREE DELIVERY! Picea Pungens Glauca Globosa (Dwarf Variety) available in many forms from full standard, half standard and quarter standard. With its all year round beautiful green/blue leaves, the crown is easy to maintain. A perfectly graceful tree ideal for the British climate which is a beautiful addition to any garden, patio or entrance to your abode Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' Also Known As. Picea pungens 'Globosa' Picea pungens (Glauca Group) 'Globosa' Glauca Globosa Colorado Spruce; Globosa Dwarf Colorado Blue Spruce; Flat shipping rate $16.65, free over $150. Add to Cart. details; photos & desc riptions; order today; find it; special request; details. Plant type.

Picea pungens Glauca. Picea pungens glauca is the original Blue Spruce, a lovely grey blue-tinted conifer with an upright conical-shape. This is a christmass all time favorite because it's style and elegance. Enjoy the blue-green and silvery hues on this spectacular christmas tree. Your Christmas tree will be sent safely, no more lugging Picea Pungens 'Glauca' from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy - Information: . Evergreen - stiff, stout, sharp-pointed, 4-sided leaves to 3cm (1¼in) long covered in glaucous waxHeight - 5m (16ft Picea pungens 'Edith' is a popular dwarf Blue Colorado Spruce tree. Buy from specialist nursery with 20 years experience, 97% review score & UK wide delivery. X. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in.. More info on cookies.

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Picea pungens glauca. Larix kaempf. 'Stiff Weeper' Pinus dens. 'Alice Verkade' Picea pungens glauca. Size: Symmetrical, pyramidal tree with stiff horizontal branches. Gray-green to blue-green needles are very rigid and form all around the stem. More drought tolerant than other Picea species.Height: 10-18m, Spread: 6-9 Picea pungens 'GLAUCA GLOBOSA'dwarf Colorado spruce. Although Colorado spruce originates in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and the USA it has been in wide cultivation in Europe and its colder regions. Glauca Globosa is one of its many varieties sought after for its bluish needles. Glauca Globosa is a dwarf spruce with steel-blue, prickly needles Picea pungens glauca 'Globosa' Picea pungens glauca 'Globosa' Dwarf Blue Spruce. $299.00) SKU: UPC: Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity of undefined Increase Quantity of undefined Picea pungens glauca $295.00 - $599.00. Close ×. OK. Footer Start. About Us. A classic favorite for landscape focal points. Provides dramatic color and form to autumn and winter landscapes. A great choice for small spaces or where a small-scale tree is desired whether planted in the ground or in a container. Plant Feed. Apply a balanced fertilizer formulated for acid loving plants. Watering Cryptomeria japonica 'Globosa Nana' Dwarf Globe Japanese Cedar. Details. Cryptomeria japonica 'Gyokuryu' Japanese Cedar. Picea glauca 'Humpty Dumpty' White Spruce. Details. Picea glauca 'Pendula' White Spruce. Details. Picea pungens 'The Blues' Weeping Blue Spruce. Details. PINUS BANKSIANA 'UNCLE FOGY' JACK PINE

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  1. Picea pungens is an evergreen Tree growing to 20 m (65ft) by 5 m (16ft) at a medium rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) 3. It is in leaf all year, and the seeds ripen from September to October. The species is monoecious (individual flowers are either male or female, but both sexes can be found on the same plant) and is pollinated by Wind. Suitable for: light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay.
  2. Picea pungens. Conifer, evergreen tree, 30-60 (135) ft [9-18 (41) m] tall, dense, narrow to broad pyramid, stiff horizontal branches to the ground, formal in outline. Needles spreading more or less all around the stem, more crowded above, stiff, stout, very prickly, 2-3 cm long, 4-sided, stomatic lines on each side, acid taste when chewed
  3. Picea pungens Picea pungens 'GLAUCA GLOBOSA' Skladom 14,90 € 12,42 € bez DPH ks. Pridať do košíka Kompletné špecifikácie Smrek pichľavý patrí medzi veľmi obľúbené dreviny u nás. Odroda Glauca Globosa je zakrpatený smrek, ktorý rastie pomerne pomaly
  4. Picea pungens. A tree 80 to 100, occasionally 150 ft, high; pyramidal as a small tree in cultivation with stiff horizontal branches; young twigs not downy; buds brownish yellow. Leaves arranged all round the branchlets, more thinly beneath, the upper ones pointing forward; they are 3 ⁄ 4 to 1 1 ⁄ 4 in. long, stiff, quadrangular, spine.
  5. Find the perfect picea pungens glauca globosa stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now

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Picea glauca 'Blue Planet' is covered with some of the tiniest needles on the planet—this miniature bun is a reliable choice for tight garden spaces. The short, thin needles have a slight blue cast which complements the true greens and blues in the landscape. Excellent selection for the railway garden, troughs, and rock garden Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' on STD. From New Conifer Growth 2009 Picea pungens 'Dietz Prostrate' From Picea pungens Picea pungens 'Rick's White Tip' From Red PIne. Lots more still to come I purchased it from a UK seller on ebay and it was advertised as a rare cultivar (they claimed to be able to source a wide range of rare and diverse.

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  1. iature gem in containers, on the deck, patio or balcony. Discovered as a witch's broom on P.g. 'Conica'
  2. Zones 3-7. 'Globosa', also known as 'Glauca globosa', is a dwarf compact form of Colorado Blue Spruce. The blue color of the needles and the dense small habit, make this selection extremely popular. 'Globosa' may reach 3-4 ft in height by 3-4 ft in width in 10 years. 'Globosa' makes a great complimentary tree with red weeping Japanese maples
  3. Picea pungens f. Glauca; Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' Picea pungens 'Hoopsii' Picea pungens 'Hoto' Picea pungens 'Iseli Fastigiata' Picea pungens 'Koster' Picea pungens 'Oldenburg' Picea pungens 'Thomsen' Посиланн
  4. Le PICEA pungens GLAUCA GLOBOSA (Épicéa du Colorado nain) est un petit conifère arrondi et compact au superbe feuillage bleu-vert, décoratif toute l'année. Naturellement trapu, il s'étale légèrement avec l'âge pour former lentement une boule dense légèrement aplatie
  5. Hardy to USDA Zone 2 (some say 3) According to Krüssmann (1985) the plant was developed by the Eastern Nursery before 1934 and named Picea pungens glauca compacta globose. It was obtained by Col. R.H. Montgomery for his estate in Cos Cob, Connecticut and in 1945 he donated it along with about 200 conifers to the New York Botanical Garden
  6. Picea Punges Glauca Globosa - DreamGardens produce si comercializeaza diverse specii de Molid la cele mai bune preturi. Oferim servicii de proiectare, amenajari gradini si spatii verzi

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Picea pungens 'Argentea' (smrek pichľavý), Angl: Colorado Spruce, Něm: Zvergblaufichte 11. Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' (smrek pichľavý), Angl: Colorado Spruce, Něm: Zvergblaufichte 12. Picea pungens 'Glauca' (smrek pichľavý), Angl: Colorado Spruce, Něm: Zvergblaufichte Atlas - fotogaléria: Picea pungens Glauca Globosa, smrek. John. Location: Oklahoma City. This cultivar has a somewhat flattened top, maturing at 3-5 feet in height, with a 4-6 foot spread. It is sometimes sold as a standard on trunks 2-3 feet in height. Despite the occasional sales pitch, these are not recommended for containers. n/a. Location: n/a. n/a. Connie University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension outreach is a partnership between state, federal, and county governments to provide scientific knowledge and expertise to the public. The University of Florida (UF), together with Florida A&M University (FAMU), administers the Florida Cooperative Extension Service Picea pungens Glauca Globosa (smrk pichlavý) Zakrslý kultivar stříbrného smrku dorůstající do výšky 1,5 - 2,0 m. (velikost rostliny - 15-25 cm, velikost kontejneru - 4,0 l) 289 Kč. Cena produktu bez dopravy. Skladem Plant: Colorado Spruce * Picea pungens Glauca Globosa - Blue Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce - conifer, round form, dry buds, solitaire..

Category: Evergreen Tall narrow form. Silver Blue foliage. Height: 15-20 ft. Spread: 4-5 ft. Spacing: 5 ft. Hardiness Zone: 3. Attributes: Cold Tolerant , Evergreen. Grows to 60 ft. Picea pungens glauca 'Globosa' (Globe Blue Spruce): Dwarf form of Blue Spruce, flat-topped and compact in youth, becoming pyramidal with age. Slow growing, height 3 ft. and spread of 4 to 5 ft. Silvery blue color. Picea omerika (Serbian Spruce): Narrow, conical evergreen grows 50 to 60 ft. in height Picea pungens 'Globosa' Common Name Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce. This charming evergreen shrub is dwarf, flat-topped, and densely branched. Its bright blue needles hold their color all season long. Plant this little beauty as a specimen plant and to brighten up a dark or drab part of the yard. Zone: 2 to 8 Height: Moderate growing; reaches 3 ft. Picea pungens 'Koster' (Colorado Spruce) is a medium-sized, evergreen conifer of elegant conical habit with prickly, brilliant silvery-blue foliage. Irregularly shaped in youth, it turns into a very attractive blue tree, lighting up the garden throughout the year. The needles display a metallic blue cast, particularly on the tips of the new growth, and mature to silver through the summer

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Picea omorika 'Pendula' Brun's. Picea orientalis 'Skylands' Picea pungens 'Glauca' Picea pungens glauca 'Baby Blue Eyes' Picea pungens glauca 'Fat Albert' Picea pungens glauca 'Globosa' Picea pungens glauca 'Hoopsii' Picea pungens glauca 'Montgomery' Pinus bungeana. Pinus cembra. Pinus densiflora 'Jane Kluis The following 19 files are in this category, out of 19 total. Blue Spruce (Picea pungens) in Bryce Canyon National Park.jpg 285 × 214; 27 KB. Ips hunteri galleries in picea pungens.jpg 3,072 × 2,029; 5.11 MB. Lupin flowers and Picea pungens branches (4841784088).jpg 2,695 × 2,450; 5.32 MB

Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' is a dwarf conifer, with a dense globed-shaped habit. The blue needles are attractive all year round, but are particularly bright and attractive in spring. It is a slow growing conifer, with an eventual height of 1m and a spread of 1.2m. Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' prefers full sun, but can tolerate. PICEA - PUNGENS GLAUCA GLOBOSA £ 110.79 Price, excl. VAT: £110.79 VAT: £22.16 Price, incl. VAT: £132.9

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  1. Picea Pungens Glauca Globosa Voted one of the top UK Plant nurseries by the Indpendent Newspaper and Gardens Illustrated Magazine, our plant Mail Order service operates 12 months of the year sending out boxes or pallets of hardy,rare and unusual plants most of which are grown here on site and for many of which we are the sole provider as.
  2. Product Description. Picea Pungens Glauca (Blue Spruce)- The blue spruce is widely used as a Christmas tree due to its conical habit and dense horizontal branches which are covered with grey-green needles.It also has a high needle retention rate. One of the most ornamental of the conifers the blue spruce makes a great specimen tree in parklands and garden situations
  3. Picea pungens glauca 'Globosa' Globe Blue Spruce » Year-round color » Dense, rounded form » Easy to care for 'Globosa' is a slow grower that adds merely 2 to 3 of growth yearly meaning it will be perfect for brightening up small landscape spaces for years without overpowering them. Its brilliant, electric blue needle color can't be.
  4. Picea pungens' Glauca Globosa' . . 新芽かわいい . クリスマスだけなんて勿体無い ️ . . #piceapungensglaucaglobosa #piceapungens #picea #plantplant #tukkajakukka #tukkajakukka_plants #plantsmakepeoplehappy.
  5. Common Name : Glauca Globosa Colorado Blue Spruce. Product Information : Bluish white leaves on a flat topped bush form. Mature Size : 3' x 4'. Hardiness Zone : 3,7. Add to Wishlist

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The Blue Spruce is botanically called Picea pungens 'Glauca'. The Tree is a conifer, it will be 10-15 m (33 - 49 ft) high. The conifer prefers shady - sunny at the location and the soil should be sandy - loamy Picea pungens Glauca Globosa - Plavozelena loptasta bodljiva smrča Glauca Globosa je izvanredan patuljasti kultivar bodljive smrče nastao 1937. godine. To je mali, kapriciozni i simpatični četinar, sa kompaktnom krošnjom sa gustim kratkum granama, loptast dok je biljka mlada, a zatim grane malo izviru iz pravilne forme i poprima pomalo piramidalan oblik ili zaobljeni konusni Picea pungens glauca koster Koster's Blue Spruce (Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder) * This is a special order plant - contact store for details 45 feet 20 feet 2b Blue Colorado Spruce;Colorado Blue Spruce Koster's Blue Spruce has attractive silvery blue foliage. The needles are highly ornamental and remain silvery blue throughout the winter Glauca Globosa este un molid pitic cu ace de culoare albastru-otel. Planta face ramuri frumoase cu niveluri care se raspandesc predominant in parti laterale. Inaltimea sa finala este de aproximativ 1,5 m la maturitate, insa, daca o planta produce un lider terminal, aceasta poate creste aproximativ de doua ori mai mult in decursul anilor Picea pungens Glauca Globosa - Dwarf Colorado spruce Although Colorado spruce originates in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and the USA it has been in wide cultivation in Europe and its colder regions. Glauca Globosa is one of its many varieties sought after for its bluish needles. Glauca Globosa has steel-blue, prickly needles

Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce. This charming, globe-shaped evergreen shrub is dwarf, flat-topped and densely branched. The bright blue needles hold their color all year long, but are a brighter hue in summer. Provides a unique accent for that special spot in the garden Large Caliper - Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' / Globe Blue Spruce. Regular price $262.50 Sale price $262.50 Regular price. Sale Sold out. Unit price / per . Free Delivery - Select your delivery date prior to checkout! Size Delivered 40cm Tall in a Wire Basket. Plant Zone. viridis Picea pungens var. compacta Picea pungens var. glauca Picea pungens var. hunnewelliana Picea pungens var. kosteriana Picea pungens var. pendula Picea pungens var. viridis Pinus armata Pinus parryana Type: Woody plant Common: Globosa blue Colorado spruce Location: University of Illinois USDA trial site Photo date: 24 September, 200 Picea pungens glauca globosa je kalemljeni četinar, spororastući. Dostiže visinu i širinu od 1 metra. Iglice srebrno-plave boje, njegova lepota ne može da se ne primeti, zato mu podarite vidljivo mesto u vrtu

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  1. Phonetic Spelling PY-see-uh GL-ow-kah KON-ih-ka Description. This cultivar of the white spruce (Pica glauca) is a dense, compact, cone-shaped, evergreen gymnosperm dwarf shrub with soft bright green foliage that grows 10-12' in 30 years.Grown for its foliage, the Dwarf Alberta White Spruce does best in a cool environment
  2. Picea pungens 'GLAUCA GLOBOSA'zakrslý smrk pichlavý. Smrk pichlavý, přestože původně pochází z lesů Skalistých hor Kanady a USA, je u nás velmi zdomácnělou dřevinou. Velké oblibě se u nás těší zejména odrůdy s namodralým jehličím jako například Glauca Globosa. Jedná se o zakrslý smrček, jež přirozeně tvoří.
  3. Picea pungens glauca 'Globosa' Blue Colorado Spruce . Zone 2-8. Grows to approximately 8' x 4' over 10 years. Upright, pyramidal tree with varying shades of blue needles on stiff branches. Picea pungens glauca 'Globosa' Picea pungens glauca 'Prostrata

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69 Likes, 0 Comments - tukkajakukka_plants_kyoto (@tukkajakukka_plants) on Instagram: Picea pungens' Glauca Globosa' . . 新芽かわいい . クリスマスだけなんて勿体無い ️ . . #piceapungensglaucaglobos Picea Pungens Glauca Globosa - kod nas poznatija kao kuglasta kalemljena smrča. Može da naraste do 1 m u prečniku i isto toliko u visinu. Veoma dekorativna biljka zbog svoje specificne boje. Iglice su srebrno-plave boje i daju ovoj biljci poseban akcenat u vrtu. Pogodan za sadnju u malim baštama i kamenjarima. Uglavnom se sadi pojedinacno ili u kombinaciji sa drugim dekorativnim vrstama Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa', Купить Ель колючую голубую 'Глаука Глобоза' карликовый сорт с питомника с доставкой по Украине|Фото, описание, цена, свойства

Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' | Picea pungens 'GlaucaShop 8Picea pun Hoopsii, Picea - Frank P MatthewsPicea pungens glauca, Blaue Stechfichte - Baumschule

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Picea pungens Glauca Globosa 3D model. 1 / 10. Picea pungens Glauca Globosa 3D model. Add to wish list Remove from wish list. Description; Comments (0) Reviews (0) Picea pungens Glauca Globosa height of tree 0,5 m Fully detailed and textured scene. Originally modelled in 3ds max 2014. Final images rendered with corona Picea pungens 'Edith' (Colorado spruce 'Edith') will reach a height of 3m and a spread of 2.5m after 20-50 Years. Suggested uses. Architectural, Low Maintenance. Cultivation. Grow in moist, well-drained, acid soil in full sun. Needs shelter from cold, drying winds An example of a dwarf variety is Glauca Globosa (P. pungens 'Glauca Globosa'), which grows no more than 2 to 3 inches per year, eventually reaching a height of 2 or 3 feet, notes University of. Picea pungens (Glauca Group) Globosa AGM: Picea pungens (Glauca Group) Hoopsii AGM: Picea pungens (Glauca Group) Iseli Fastigiate: United Kingdom. Complete information. Returns policy. After receiving the item, cancel the purchase within. Return postage. 14 days. Buyer pays return postage View picture of Picea, Blue Spruce, Colorado Spruce 'Glauca Globosa' (Picea pungens) at Dave's Garden. All pictures are contributed by our community

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Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa'. Jehličnan z čeledi borovicovité a rodu smrk, který dorůstá 3 metry do výšky i šířky. Pomalu rostoucí, široce kuželovitý kultivar, který má tuhé modrostříbrné jehlice 15 až 20 mm dlouhé. Jedná se o zakrslý kultivar. Vše o produktu. Slunce, polostín, stín Globe shaped when young, turning slightly pyramidal with age. Bright slivery blue foliage. Hardy to -40. Use as a specimen 1,516 picea pungens stock photos are available royalty-free. Blue Spruce Or Picea Pungens With Cones. Growing in Edmonton Alberta. Blue spruce, Picea pungens. The blue spruce, green spruce, white spruce, Colorado spruce, or Colorado blue spruce, with the scientific name Picea pungens, is a. Picea Pungens `Glauca`, Blue Spruce Buds Young Picea pungens in Karkonosze, Poland. 70 y. old tree in Park Żeromskiego in Warsaw. Park Skaryszewski in Warsaw. Žilina, Slovakia. Žilina, Slovakia. Young cones shortly after pollination. Mature cone. Young tree. Close-up of leaves

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Picea pungens 'St. Joseph's Broom' is another one of my introductions and is superior to P.p. 'Globosa'. It grows as an irregular globose form with shorter nodes and heavier bud set with brighter blue needles. Excellent rock garden plant. Very rare in the trade

HORTICOPIA®-- Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' (ColoradoХвойные растения Весна 2020 - купить туи, сосны, ели