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Nowadays, it is a sure sign that I am overdoing it as everything becomes much heavier. My whole body, particularly my legs; anything I try to lift feels as if it's quadrupled in weight. It's as though someone has increased gravity. I'm 5'6 and weigh 8stone but at times it's like I'm more than twice that Fitness Minutes: (382,606) Posts: 28,985. 9/3/12 3:10 P. The difference is in VOLUME. Muscle is dense and takes up less space on the body than fat. Think of muscle the same way you would lead. Think of fat the same way you would foam rubber. put one pound of each on a scale and they would weigh the same This has been really annoying me for about a week now. I feel like i am breathing heavier than normal even when i am just sitting trying not to think about it and i constantly feel the need to take a deep breath. I keep trying to fight the urge from taking a deep breath but i cant. It all started when i was waking up through the night needing. I do at times feel as if my right arm and leg are heavier than my left when I have a s/p, but not necessarily larger. Hi elizleigh. Yuck! I too have experienced micropsia only it is more like the Alice in Wonderland feeling. Like I am a speck of sand and everything else is huge. It literaly makes me scream, such a sickening feeling There is just something more than measurable weight involved. And, it is like where does the knockout power that some guys have come from. I know leverage is a factor, but it is more than than. Some people simply have more strength power than others, and it often is not a direct result of weight, speed, leverage, timing, or muscle mass

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Ever wonder why you feel lighter or heavier in an elevator? In this video we will be going over the normal force of a person in an elevator and how it change.. 9 Signs It's More Serious Than the Common Cold Doctors explain how to tell if you have a head cold or something more serious that requires medical attention, such as the flu, strep throat. People feel heavier when they are unconscious because they their body has gone limp. This limpness means that the person's weight is imbalanced and constantly shifting. So, one would have to put in more effort to hold person in such a way that their weight remain equally balanced. When a person is awake, they are able to control their muscles.

This feeling doesn't actually mean you've gained weight. It may be a result of water retention, muscle pump or mild inflammation. Even if the scale reads a little heavier after exercising, don't worry — you haven't gained fat Because variability exists in the weighing method and the number the scales display. It isn't because you gained any mass, in fact you would have lost mass as you convert food to energy to carbon dioxide and as you breathe out water vapour from yo.. Cramping — these can feel similar to pre-menstrual cramps and can be a sign of implantation 2. Bloating and abdominal discomfort — similar to PMS symptoms. Below I talk a little more about nausea, which is common in early pregnancy (usually starting four weeks after conception)

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  1. When you wake up in the morning, you're slightly taller, which may make you feel slimmer. Lying down makes the discs in your spine separate slightly, so your height will increase a small amount, as a result. Over the course of the day, the compression of walking squishes them back together to your normal height
  2. Hi, why do my breast feel so heavy, i don't think im pregnant because i had a tubal ligation 5 years ago? Dr. Jovita Anyanwu answered. Internal Medicine 30 years experience. Hard to tell: Do you have any discharge or any lump or did you gain weight. Consider a visit to your doctor
  3. The first time I worked out at the gym, I bench pressed 200 pounds and managed to do 3 sets of 8 reps. My first 2 sets were great and the 3rd set was more difficult but it still went well. The problem is that the week after when it came time to do chest again (I train 3 times a week) I could barely do 185 pounds on bench press
  4. I started working out about 3 weeks ago and im starting to see a lil difference in my body. My shirts are feeling a lil tighter, stomach is tightening up, im starting to see alil definition on my arms and forearms, but somehow i feel fatter and i gained 4 lbs since then

I am not aware about my problem what it should be called. Actually left part of my body is more fatty/heavier than the right part. All of my body's weight gets felt on my right leg. Even when i wear trousers or jeans i can feel that it is more tight on left side and little bit loose on right side Sodium can cause you to retain a large volume of water and weigh in heavier on the scale the next morning. Very salty foods are a common cause of sodium, so try cutting your salt intake down Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that can cause people to feel pain all over their body. It can also affect how one responds to different temperatures, so people may feel the effects of heat or.. Many mid- to low handicappers including tour players, and myself, prefer the feel of a heavier wedge shaft. My personal reason for liking heavier wedge shafts is because I tend to use my wedges a lot around the green for chip and pitch shots, I like the feel of the heavier weight keeping my club on the right swing plane

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  1. Why do you feel so awful at high altitudes? September 23, 2015 at 5:40 am Thin air does not have less oxygen. The percentage is the same as sea-level air. The air pressure at high altitudes is not lower than the air pressure in your lungs. If this was the case, it would be physically impossible for air movement into the lungs
  2. ist role models and personal inspirations.
  3. That feeling only lasts for a short time, not more than a few seconds, at most. This is again due to the first law of motion. Since you are now moving at the pace of the elevator (since you are in the elevator itself), the forces again acting on your body have found their balance, making you feel completely at ease (provided the lift is not an.
  4. 1. Choose a dream--yet, realistic, and that means not 2-3 sizes smaller than your current size--outfit and use how it fits and looks to measure how well you are doing. 2. Time to get out that measuring tape. If the scales say you're heavy but you're sure you're not fat, one way to check is by recording the diameter of key body.
  5. I am a very skinny guy (5'11 and 120lbs) and people always estimate me to be 10-20lbs heavier than I am. My sister is 5'6 and the same weight as me but gets it in the opposite direction and people underestimate her weight
  6. Here are 50 reasons you may be unhappy, and suggestions on how to open the mental blinds to let the sunshine back in. 1. You worry. I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them have never happened.. - Mark Twain. Worry creates inner turmoil

The question: Gas and water retention can make you feel like you've gained 10 pounds—but how does it really impact your weight? The expert: Julia Zumpano, R.D., the Cleveland Clinic The answer. You may feel emotions stirring and wonder, Why am I so sad? and not know where to begin in how to answer that. In a way, being sensitive can be looked down upon. We ignore warning signs of sadness, depression and other forms of suffering because having feelings is something we cannot be open about in society

Feeling heavy can be because of stress—let's face it, I am a startup founder, physician, and mama, so sometimes life feels just a little hectic! Other times my body feels heavy when I wake up because I fell down the NYC social rabbit hole called the cocktail hour—even one a night adds up, disrupting my sleep , screwing up my sensitive. 16 Comments Saumya Singh February 19, 2017 at 12:40 am Reply. I want healthy body. S Jones March 24, 2017 at 10:37 am Reply. Not sure I agreefor me, a fat day is one where my clothes feel tighterI feel the elastic round the top of my tights and/or slip cutting into my middle, my sleeves feel restrictive, even my shoes feel tight on those days If you feel as if you're constantly aroused, that may not be a bad thing. A healthy sex drive can be a positive quality. But if you think your desire for sexual engagement is interfering with your.

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Shorter cycles, mid-sleep wakening and heavier or longer flow occur at some time for most women. Almost 80% of perimenopausal women experience hot flush es/flashes and night sweats6, but not all women start experiencing them when cycles are still regular 7. Those that do, often notice night sweats first that cluster around menstrual flow 7 But don't sweat it. Feeling toasty isn't an automatic sign that you're barreling toward the end of your menstrual cycle.. There are so many other reasons why a person has hot flashes that. Source: Imgur. But no matter how many factors you want to blame for your crappy pictures, it all boils down to psychology. Perhaps the reason you look different in pictures is because the version of yourself you like best is a figment of your imagination. According to a 2008 study, people tend to think they're more attractive than they really are

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  1. Thyroid Problems. 9. Diet Soda. 10. Dehydration. 11. How Much You Exercise. Your body relies on food for energy, so it's normal to feel hungry if you don't eat for a few hours. But if your stomach.
  2. Note: This test isn't meant to be scientific, just helpful. And it can only help you if you're completely truthful. Don't choose your answers to get an unrealistic result (in other words, be honest!) The good news is, even small changes to exercise and diet are usually easy to make, and can be highly effective. 1
  3. Weight set point and metabolism play for the same team: Your metabolism burns energy at a rate that will maintain your weight set point, even if that point is heavier than is healthy. Most of.
  4. Many medications can cause nausea, but some are more likely to make you feel queasy than others, says Dr. Midthun, such as pain meds, birth control pills and antidepressants
  5. 1. You Had More Sodium Than Usual. Sodium is one major factor that can cause weight gain overnight. Sodium can cause you to retain a large volume of water and weigh in heavier on the scale the next morning. Very salty foods are a common cause of sodium, so try cutting your salt intake down

Doctors don't know exactly why it makes people so tired. One likely reason is that your body uses lots of energy to deal with your frequent changes in blood sugar levels. What doctors do know is. Lyn S August 6th, 2014 at 10:29 PM . I am a 15year survivor of Cancer of Unknown Primary and a support group facilitator. I clearly remember the feeling of elation that very quickly changed when. Why am I looking thinner but getting heavier? Over the past couple of months I've been working on getting much healthier and losing weight. On average I've been swimming roughly 1.5km (about 1 mile) every day, and running 6km 3 to 4 times a week. I've been doing some weight training, involving working with dumbbells and doing pushups/sit-ups. With feeling this energy, I feel that it has helped me learn what I truly want to do, where I want to live, and who I want to be. I also am obsessed with the beach and I get major vibes from the city, especially at night for some reason

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  1. I always feel like I'm flying when I run at night, but my GPS usually says I'm not going any faster—or that I'm going even slower—than when I run during the day. Same with biking
  2. Why do some mirrors make me look skinnier than others? Sadly, when you get home your new get-up suddenly doesn't look so good - and some believe that this ISN'T in your imagination
  3. 5) Accept that we have bad weeks. We are complex pieces of machinery. Sometimes shit happens. We just have bad weeks and can't lift enough or we GAIN weight when we expected to lose weight. It doesn't make you a bad person, it doesn't make you a failure, it makes you human
  4. 3 Kinds of Envy. 1. Depressive envy (I feel like a loser compared to her). When someone you know does better than you, it often feels like you are a loser, a failure, or inferior
  5. I am on day 6 and keep questioning why I am not feeling better. I read your article and I feel much better now about how I am feeling. I did work a few hours today from home and started feeling dizzy. It's so hard to just rest when you know there are things to be done. I guess that is just the female inside us. Thank you for this
  6. Why Do I Bloat After Exercise? If You Bloat After an Intense Workout, Here's Why. June 24, 2018 by Nicole Yi. but that excess fluid may make you feel heavier than you did before your workout
  7. I am like this. Always, ALWAYS, super cold, but my partners have said at times that I was radiating heat enough to sizzle skin (an exaggeration I am sureI hope). Last night was one of those nights when I chased them around the bed for their body heat, but they were running from my radiating heat. No one slept well. I wish I had an answer

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For example, if I put my arms up as if to touch my shoulders, my left hand can just almost touch my shoulder, whereas my right hand can touch much easier. Basically, my left side is getting a better pump than my right, even though I am right handed. I always try and do exercises that are independent like dumbbells I probably do an average of 9/10 minute pace. A couple months ago I was losing weight easily because I was cutting calories to 1200 per day. Now, I am not doing that because I am running more than I used to, but I have gained about 4 pounds since March. I do some ab work when I can, but I don't understand how I can be gaining weight Social pressure has become greater now more than ever to the point that we sometimes lose ourselves. Here, we list ways to help you learn to be yourself when you're thinking, I don't know who I am

The truth is, sometimes I feel closer to my husband than other times, but that doesn't mean I'm any less married at some times than others. I usually feel closer to him after we've enjoyed a fun time together, been especially intimate, or gone through a struggle where we've locked arms and walked through it together Here's what our experts shared: You might have an electrolyte imbalance: Electrolyte imbalances are one of the most common reasons you might feel dehydrated even after drinking tons of water: Sometimes if we drink a lot of water but we don't take in enough fruits and vegetables, our electrolytes—sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride.

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  1. The Myths. Myth #1 - Shaft flex is more important than shaft weight. Myth #2 - Heavier, stiffer shafts are only for faster swingers. Myth #3 - Heavier, stiffer shafts prevent hooks. Myth #4 - Heavier, stiffer shafts launch lower and spin less. Myth #5 - Heavier, stiffer shafts are more accurate and consistent
  2. There are many reasons why a person may always feel hungry, including dietary and lifestyle factors. However, increased or constant hunger can also be a sign of an underlying health condition
  3. With such a large age gap between me and my sisters, this burden can sometimes feel heavier than usual. It's hard not to feel like a third parent to my siblings as opposed to a sister
  4. d circled back to those stories on COVID-19 vaccine.
  5. 4. I make excuses (e.g. I already ate, I am not feeling well, etc.) so that I will not have to eat with friends and family. Often Sometimes Rarely Never. 5. I have uncontrollable eating binges during which I consume large amounts of food and afterwards I make myself vomit. Never Less than once a week 1-6 times a week Once or more a day. 6
  6. Because of this, when we take drafting out of the equation on a flat course, a heavier rider will always be faster than a light rider when both are doing the same w/kg-because the heavier rider is putting out more watts. This is true outdoors as well. Example from kreuzotter.de: a 60kg rider and a 80kg rider both hold 4w/kg on flat ground
  7. 10. You have diabetes. Having either type 1 or type 2 diabetes can make you need to use the bathroom more often than other people. This happens because excess sugar can build up in your blood.

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I admit that I am not as strong as I once was. I can't do a pull up and I can't pump out 20 push ups on my toes like I once could. But I don't aspire to do these things. You can still be fit, healthy and in good shape without lifting heavy weights. I'm much happier now with the way I look and feel The problem is that speed in head winds is also mostly determined by power-to-aero drag, so the conundrum is why you're good in head winds but not on the flat under calmer conditions. If this is truly your problem, the answer is more likely to be the numerator (i.e, power) than the denominator (aero drag) You're most likely feeling sore and fatigued legs because you are doing too much strength. You might do better by modifying to 1 set of 15 repetitions twice per week for one month

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Obviously, if the mask isn't on, it can't make a difference in how you feel—and you may even feel worse. Other people may feel worse after using their CPAP equipment due to: CPAP mask leaks. Claustrophobia. Waking up with a dry mouth, nose, or gas from swallowed air (this is a normal occurrence called aerophagia) Issues with CPAP air. But it is the truth. Positive words are closer to the truth of everything much more than other words, because positive words are lighter. And light is truth and heavy is lie. This is why negative words feel heavier than positive words, because are lies. And lies are always full of information Photographed by Ashley Armitage. After receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccines, many people feel relief — and many also experience some temporary side effects. When you feel the need to chug a ton of water, the reason why is usually clear: You haven't been drinking enough of it. If you go really hard at the gym or spend a ton of time sweating in the.

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Progesterone increases just after ovulation. One of its many roles is to support a potential embryo. If you're not pregnant, your progesterone levels will fall after 12 to 16 days after ovulation. This drop brings on your period. High levels of progesterone can make you feel tired and emotional I am a woman. For this, I am called a liar. I am not a liar. To the edge and back I'm transgender, meaning the gender that was assigned to me at birth doesn't match the gender I identify with Lisinopril has a few side effects, and as stated 1 common side effect is Dizziness or getting Light headed. Lisinopril, is an Angio-tension Converting Enzyme. (ACE) Usually used in patients ho have either suffered from a heart attack, or to prevent One. In any case I would NOT DRIVE AT ALL, while taking this Medicine, and call your Dr and tell.

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The answer to who am I is our identity. Our identity is our all-encompassing system of memories, experience, feelings, thoughts, relationships, and values that define who each of us is. It's the stuff that makes up a self.. Identity is a critical component of understanding who we are. Why? Because we can break up identity. We feel and process our surroundings more deeply than non-HSPs, including physical stimuli and emotional cues. In other words: We're experiencing a very different world than everybody else. Emotions really do hit us harder, and many times, that comes in the form of tears

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Introvert: I write better than I speak. I've always been better at communicating in writing than in conversation. It turns out that this is a trait shared by most introverts. We innies tend to write better than we speak. Words pour out effortlessly onto the page (or the computer screen nowadays). But in conversation, it can often feel like. Last updated on July 26th, 2018 at 06:09 pm. Question: why do I have so much discharge everyday all of a sudden? Am I pregnant? If you've not noticed the regular changes that occur from time to time during your menstrual cycle, a heavy vaginal discharge may cause you to think something is wrong Why Is My Cross Heavier? Have you ever felt those times when the cross you're carrying seems heavier than it should be? Much heavier than you can bear? Much heavier than the crosses other people are carrying? In fact, why carry your heavier cross? Our crosses it seems, vary greatly in the burden and the difficulties they inflict upon us Do you wake up in a lousy mood nearly every day and ask yourself, Why am I so unhappy? Before you even get out of bed, you feel stressed and negative. The world simply does not look like a happy place in your mind. Like most of us, you may have some legitimately difficult things going on in your life

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5 MEO DMT still gave me valuable insights and a feeling of inner peace and euphoria, but some people experience even less with psychedelics. Hannah, 27, didn't feel anything when she took magic. When I am tired or do not have enough sleep, it shows on my face right away! I try to keep my cheek area round so that I do not look older and/or tired. In general, the person with meaty face looks younger than the person with boney face. The meaty face people look heavier than the people with a boney face

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Why do some people get worse hangovers than others? that same individual will experience hangovers more than when they were heavier. suffer from anxiety may indeed feel worse [due to. That's why when you do an intense workout, there's no time for evaporation, so your body keeps on sweating. Every person has anywhere from 2-4 million sweat glands . There are 2 main types of sweat glands; Eccrine and Apocrine I am about sick of having to alternate between vicoden and oxycodone everyday.I only like to take the vicoden most of the time because they are much stronger to me than oxy for some ODD reason please don't ask me why but I can't take more than 8 of them a day and after about 4 vicoden.I don't like to take anymore because they start to give me headaches and hurt my stomach.I have been taking. Not only do you fall asleep feeling more relaxed, you'll also sleep faster and longer. All that using no medicine at all: the Sleep Robot works in a totally natural way. With the Sleep Robot next to you, you feel safe and secure. It keeps you company and helps to distract your thoughts from the things that keep you up at night 10.16.2013 08:26 AM. It will probably be closer than you think but the heavier baseball will indeed hit the ground first. Your initial thoughts would be confirmed. You can feel the air.

If you need power—for a bench press personal record, CrossFit, or to squat your body weight—you need to train with heavier weights. Similarly, if you want to work on one specific part of your. I feel my chest becoming very heavy when I lie down to sleep. This has worsened over the past few weeks. When I am standing up or sitting down during the day I sometimes feel like I am short of. When We Think Other People Are Better Than Us. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ~Eleanor Roosevelt. I have a very bad habit. It pokes me when I stop to browse newspapers and magazines. It slaps me when I'm watching TV. It punches me hard at the gym. It knocks me down when I am walking down the street

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Patients often question why they are so tired after surgery. Many patients think that because they have been put to sleep with anesthesia that they should be refreshed and have more energy as they recover from their surgery. However, the tired feeling after surgery is the usual situation for most patients and there are some reasons for this outcome Why Do I Feel So Angry? Are you easily angry, and find yourself feeling angry more often than you probably should? If so, then you are like millions of people who deal with rage issues. rage is a natural reaction that tells us when something isn't right 4 Steps to Address How You Really Feel. Let yourself be open and life will be easier. A spoon of salt in a glass of water makes the water undrinkable. A spoon of salt in a lake is almost unnoticed. ~ Buddha. I am a very emotional person. I suspect I feel things about ten times more intensely than the average person. When I'm sad, I'm. A slower heart rate can make you feel cold, dizzy and tired. Coldness is also a side effect of blood-thinning drugs, like Coumadin and warfarin, Junglas says. And, he adds people who regularly use.


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When air is the same temperature as our body, why do we feel hot? Jeffery W. Walker, a physiology professor at the University of Arizona, has a cool explanation for why we feel warm when it is 98. Why am I so irritable? In times of uncertainty, it can be easy for emotions to fray and you may feel like you have a short fuse. Stressful situations, like the Covid-19 pandemic, the social justice movement, or political controversy, can trigger feelings of anger, fear, and anxiety, and that can also increase your risk of irritability.. But sometimes, feeling irritable may have nothing to do. We know, we know—caffeine is a stimulant. But I swear, caffeine makes me tired! Apparently, we're not imaging things. A sleep expert and nutritionist explain Why Revenge Travel Is the (Actually Surprising) Feel-Good Travel Trend of the Summer Think of it as your comeback tour. Yes, You Can Make Friends As an Adult—You Just Need to Let Go of These 3.

I also feel this way about skydiving, rock climbing, and unprotected sexual relations with a stranger in a truck stop bathroom. But here I am today, decidedly taking this step - or splash, if. 2. Shape matters more than size - up to a certain point. There are limits to the above-described phenomenon. While it is difficult (if not impossible) to quantify a certain point in terms of weight or even BMI, I can say this instead: women like Nicki Minaj are pushing the limits already, and are able to to do because they have great proportions Because of this, when we take drafting out of the equation on a flat course, a heavier rider will always be faster than a light rider when both are doing the same w/kg-because the heavier rider is putting out more watts. This is true outdoors as well. Example from kreuzotter.de: a 60kg rider and a 80kg rider both hold 4w/kg on flat ground It's 11:45 p.m. and you're seconds from crawling under the covers when you're suddenly overwhelmed by a strong craving for Oreos and peanut butter. Granted, it's possible this dire need. Your period may be heavier at night, or your flow might be more intense in the morning. The reason why your period changes over the course of the day is an interesting one, and it's related to how. Working out is about you feeling healthy and doing your body good. Your weight is just a number, and can fluctuate day to day based on so many factors. Weighing yourself everyday encourages bad habits and is just stressful. Don't live and die by the number- focus on how you feel. posted by unexpected at 11:40 AM on November 2, 200