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The British Airways Boeing 777-200 features 224 seats in a 4 cabin configuration. Economy has 122 seats in a 3-3-3 config; Premium economy has 40 seats in a 2-4-2 config; Business class has 48 seats in a 2-4-2 config; First class has 14 seats in a 1-2-1 config; this is pretty standard for these aircraft. Legroom-wise, the Economy pitch of 79cm British Airways' Boeing 777-200 Three Class V2 is operated on long-haul routes. This 777-200 features a 3 class configuration with 40 flat bed Business Class seats, 24 Premium Economy seats, and 219 standard Economy Class seats. Business Class seats are currently the only seats with access to power ports

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On the new BA 777-300 (G-STBG) the toilets are at the rear of every cabin. This means that row 10 is a lot quieter than on a BA 777-200. The galley forward of your seat is quiet (and better laid out). The small larder ahead of the port-side door is ideal for a quick snack in between the meals British Airways surprised critics in 2019 by delivering a new Club Suite complete with a privacy door. While it falls well short of a new business class benchmark, it's a very, very nice way to fly, and perhaps spaced out even better on the Boeing 777 than the new Airbus A350, even though the 350 is a nicer aircraft overall The British Airways 777 seat plan has four cabins, with First Class in the nose, with the latest style of seats.. The middle cabin is occupied by Business Class - all 14F variants now have the latest Next Generation Club World, with half of the seats facing backwards.. The British Airways Boeing 777 seating plan for the 14F version has five rows of Premium Economy (only 11 aircraft have new. Seat maps. First. Club World. Club Europe. World Traveller Plus. World Traveller. Euro Traveller. Skip to Navigation. Find out more about our seating configurations for our aircraft and cabin classes to help you take advantage of the best seating options This is our business class, available on long haul flights. These maps are representative of seating layouts on board, but may vary according to aircraft. Once you have made a booking, you can see the actual seating layout for your flight and choose a seat using Manage My Booking. If you'd like to discuss your seating options and choose a.

The British Airways 777 seat plan has four cabins, with First Class in the nose. All of the 12F variant have the new style First Class. The middle cabin is occupied by Business Class - all 12F variants now have the latest Next Generation Club World, with half of the seats facing backwards.. The British Airways Boeing 777 seating plan for the 12F version has four rows of Premium Economy, and. Apart from introducing the new business-class seats on this aircraft, the refurbishment programme is also densifying the economy class cabin and moving from nine abreast to 10 abreast in a 3-4-3 layout. Though the seats are thinner, that means the cabin (and the aisle) is tight. Economy class on the refurbished British Airways 777-200 British Airways Seat Maps. Overview. Planes & Seat Maps. Airbus A318 (318) Airbus A319 (319) Domestic Layout 1. Airbus A319 (319) Domestic Layout 2. Airbus A319 (319) Domestic Layout 3. Airbus A319 (319) European. Airbus A320 (320) Domestic Layout 1

The diameter of General Electric engines on the Boeing 777 is as wide as the passenger cabin of the Boeing 737. In 2006, British Airways set a new record for the longest non-stop commercial flight. The Boeing 777-200 flew 17,157km (9,274nm) from Brussels to Melbourne, in 18h45 Seat Map British Airways Boeing 777-300 (773) Airplane Boeing 777-300 (773) British Airways with 4 classes and 299 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided. Tap the seat on the map to see the details British Airways' Boeing 777 business class. BA's Club World business class comes in a 2-4-2 layout, with passengers in the aisles (B, D, G and J) facing the front of the aircraft, and those in the windows and centre (A, E, F, K) facing towards the rear

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  1. British Airways Business Class Seats (Boeing 777) Many frequent travelers dislike the cabins on the British Airways 777-300 and 777-200, because of the layout (2-4-2) and the big size of the cabin. So if you have a chance, you might want to consider another plane (or airline)
  2. The modern new aircraft is configured to transport 331 passengers in a three class layout featuring: 56 Club Suites in Club World, 56 recliner seats in World Traveller Plus and 219 standard seats in World Traveller. The British Airways' Club Suite is the airlines first new Business Class seat in 13 years
  3. British Airways new A350 Business Class seat flies. British Airways 787-10 Seat Map. (Image from BA) British Airways 787-10 First Class. There are eight First Class seats, unlike the 787-8 model that has no First cabin. The First cabin on the 787-10 has eight seats in two rows arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration. While more private than the First.
  4. Second version of Boeing 777-200 operated by British Airways is the most common. The cabin is divided into three classes disposing totally of 275 seats. Club World class has 48 flat bed seats divided into 2 section. There are 32 seats in first section and 16 in the second one. In the first section seats are located in 5 rows

The reconfigured 777 features just eight first class seats, which are almost identical to British Airways' old first class seats. Meanwhile in business class the configuration goes from 2-4-2 to 1-2-1. Bottom Line. It's exciting to see British Airways' first reconfigured plane with their new Club Suites British Airways launched its long-awaited new Club Suite on its new Airbus A350 aircraft to much fanfare earlier this year. While the seats will be installed on all Airbus A350 aircraft as they are delivered factory fresh to the airline, BA now has the long and complex task of retrofitting these seats (or a variant thereof) to more than 100 wide-body aircraft

British Airways Fleet Boeing 777-300ER configuration. BA 777-300ER seat map, seating chart, cabin interior layout, first business premium eco and economy class Seat british airways 777 seat map for Non-Refurbished and refurbished British Airways 777-200 seating chart, cabin interior layout first. Airways A350 ( 773 ) four Class Airways has retrofitted its new business Class seats are 2 of! Use this seating chart, cabin interior layout, first business premium eco and economy Class the The Boeing 777-300 operated by British Airways has 4 classes of seats. Seat map of the Boeing 777-300 (773) Four Class First class of this airplane has 14 open suites Yes. 3A is a quiet, private first class seat. It is far enough from the galleys at both ends that it does not suffer from any noise-pollution, nor is there any queuing for lavatories. No seats in BA First on the 777-300 have personal air vents, which can be a problem if the temperature is not to your liking The Massive 777-300 Club Suite Cabin. Overnight, British Airways uploaded a bunch of schedule adjustments for spring and summer 2020 swapping out planes for ones that have the new Club Suite. We also now can see what the 777-300 seat map looks like. Similar to the updated Boeing 777-200, the 777-300 reduces first class from 14 seats to 8 seats

  1. Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 777 200ER Three Class Layout V2 British Airways This B777-200/ER configured without a First cabin and available on selected LGW routes. Club World (business class) cabin configured with 32 flat bed seats
  2. Seat Map Information. There are 8 First Class, 68 Business Class, 24 Premium Economy, and 112 Economy Class seats. Seat rows are numbered from 1 to 42. Emergency exits are located on both sides at the front of the cabin, both sides behind row 6, both sides behind row 17, both sides in front of row 30, and both sides at the back of the cabin
  3. 8. British Airways 777-200 (v3) Business Class. The 777-200 (v3) business class aboard British Airways has 32 seats, each measuring 20 inches wide, 73 inches in pitch, and 72 inches in bed length. This arrangement is a denser 2-4-2 configuration across 4 rows as shown below: British Airways 777-200 (v3) business class seat map. Image Credit.
  4. Seatguru seat map british airways british airways fleet boeing 777 300er seatguru seat map british airways plans de cabines world traveller. Pics of : British Airways Boeing 777 Business Class Seating Plan. See also Blank Periodic Table Of Elements Quiz. Air France Fleet Boeing 777 200er Details And Picture

Rockwell Collins On Demand entertainment on 10.5â ³ screen. Letâ s find out! 72â ³ Bed Length and 20â ³ width. The in-flight entertainment system has also been upgraded. Answer 31 of 43: My husband and I are flying British Airways Club World (Business Class) from Denver to Heathrow. Seat rows are numbered from 1 to 42. The Club Suites debuted on the A350-1000 ( which are newly delivered. For example if you pick an upper deck exit row seat/bulkhead on the 747 it's one of best business class seats on any airline (tons of storage space, direct aisle access, four windows etc.). I'm lucky that on most routes I have a choice between 777 and 747 so can just opt for the latter

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The original British Airways plan was for 33% of the long haul Heathrow fleet to feature the new Club Suite business class seat by the end of 2020, increasing incrementally until all Heathrow-based aircraft had it by 2025: As far as we know, there has been no substantial delay to the Boeing 777 refurbishment programme British Airways | Executive Club - Width of BA seats 777 vs. A380 Business - I searched for this but didn't find anything yet so... I found photos of the A380 seats in business class and understand they're narrower than other airlines. How about compared to a 777 BA Business seat - are they the same and if not how d British Airways brand new Club Suite business class seat is a clear step up for the airline. It comes after several years during which its existing Club World seat, revolutionary when first.

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9 Oct 2019 by Jenni Reid. British Airways has retrofitted its new business class product, the Club Suite, on a B777. The first B777 aircraft with the seat will operate from today between London. What's the best seat in British Airways Club World Business Class? Here's the thingBritish Airways isn't THE BEST business class in the sky, but you can find quite a bit of award availability on it, AND you can find great deals to fly it from places like Dublin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, or Oslo to route back through London to the States. I just finished a trip back from Stockholm. Aside from a top tier business class Club World suite, the British Airways A350-1000 features 56 World Traveller Plus seats and 219 of the latest World traveller (economy), all with next generation in flight entertainment and wifi. Here's a guide to the best seats in every cabin, with pictures With urgent business in New York, the 50% Avios redemption sale was an excellent opportunity to upgrade my business class ticket and try out the brand new First Suite that British Airways is installing on its new Boeing 777-300s Though British Airways will be making adjustments to its first class on the 787-10 and rolling out a new seat on the 777-9, which is due to enter service in 2022, there are no changes to the First.

Since only BA's Silver and Gold Executive Club frequent flyer programme members are able to select seats before that point -- even when flying in business -- I was ready to check-in, referred to my notes on the best seats in Club World on BA's 777 planes, and picked the best of the seats available, dropping my luggage at the airport on arrival Boeing 777-300 - 296 seats. Cliquer pour imprimer le plan Cliquer pour agrandir le plan Cliquer pour retrecir le plan. Zoom in. Characteristics. Length in meters: 73.86. Wingspan in meters: 64.80. Cruising speed: Mach .84. Cruising altitude: 10 700 m / 35 000 ft Two class version of Boeing 777-300 is the most common in Emirates' fleet. This airplane may transport 427 passengers: 42 in business class and 385 in economy. First six rows represent the seats of business class. All these seats have 2-3-2 configuration. For passengers with infants the seats of the 1st row are equipped with bassinets. The. BA first class flights operate on all Airbus A380, Boeing 747, Boeing 777-300, Boeing 777-200 aircraft. If your flight operates on any Airbus 318, Airbus 321 or Boeing 787-800, there will not be any options On three class aircraft, BA has installed a new seat in a now larger World Traveller Plus premium economy cabin. It has decreased the number of Club World business class seats. The in-flight entertainment system has also been upgraded. On four class Boeing 777-200 aircraft, the overall change in seating configuration is much more modest

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  1. Seat Review of British Airways 777-200ER Business Class product on my flight from London to Mumbai.Flight Details:Flight no. BA198Date: 23/12/18From/To: Mumb..
  2. Nicky and Jean tested out British Airways' brand new business class club suite on their Airbus A350 from London to Dubai!@NickyKelvin - https://www.instagram..
  3. For your next British Airways flight, use this seating chart to get the most comfortable seats, legroom, and recline on

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  1. If you are flying in business class, the 777 is most commonly used in a 2-4-2 or rarely 2-3-2 configuration, with a seat pitch ranging between 36-38 inches (91-97 cm). When flying in first class, the 777 is almost solely used in a 1-2-1 configuration, with a seat pitch ranging between 41-42 inches (104-106 cm) depending on the.
  2. Best seats for BA club/business 777. nb the seat map shows the seats vastly staggered with the rear window pair a long way behind the middle seats almost out on their own, in reality they aren.
  3. Flagship of the American Airlines fleet, the 777-300ER, (77W on American schedules) has 52 seats in business class and 8 seats in the first class cabin. The Business class seats are among my personal favorites that I've experienced, featuring the Cirrus seat, manufactured by Zodiac (now) Safran
  4. g my (now daily) task of checking all of my reservations for changes and I thought I'd check for upgrades. I figured my chances were extremely low but by some miracle there were two First Class seats available for 22.5k Avios per person
  5. British Airways' new Club Suites business class represents a much needed investment for the airline, which previously had more-or-less the same business class product for a couple of decades. I love reverse herringbone seats to begin with, and this is the best reverse herringbone seat out there, as the door only enhances the experience further

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British Airways offers 56-seats in its A350-1000 business class cabin, but 44 of those seats are in the forward cabin, creating a very large space. The reverse herringbone seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, with direct aisle access at each seat and a privacy door that can be engaged once in-flight Boeing 777-200 (777) As of February 21, 2021, we've voluntarily and temporarily removed Boeing 777-200 powered by Pratt & Whitney 4090 engines from our schedule. If you had upcoming travel scheduled on one of these aircraft, a new plane has already been swapped in. Version 1 (50/24/202 The new seats in Club Europe are extremely dire and should be avoided at all costs. British Airways has removed the distinction between Economy-class and Business-class seating for all of their short-haul and almost all of their mid-haul routes, including for almost-long-haul intercontinental destinations such as Sharm-el-Sheikh in Africa British Airways unveiled the new Business Class Club Suite on four Airbus A350-1000s and two Boeing 777-300ERs. The Club Suite has been redesigned and features wider 200cm (79ft) fully horizontal beds, ultra-fast wi-fi and large 17 high resolution displays. The Boeing 777-300ER is configured with 299 seats and is divided as follows: 14 open.

Seat map of the Boeing 777-300 (773) Four Class First class of this airplane has 14 open suites. A detailed seat map showing the best airline seats on the British Airways Boeing 777-200 (Three class) There are 8 First Class, 52 Business Class, 24 Premium Economy, and 180 Economy Class seats. Seat rows are numbered from 1 to 42 The Business Class seats on the sides are angled toward the window (about 2 windows per seat, offering great views), while the seats in the middle are angled towards each other. Click here for the seat map of AA's Boeing 777-300ER Alitalia Unveils New Flat Bed Business Class Seat On Boeing 777 Air Canada 777 Seat Plan Air Canada Boeing 777 200 Seating Plan Seat Maps Virgin Australia Boeing 772 American Airlines Seat Map Boeing 777 300 British Airways Best Seats In Plane Boeing 777 Routes. Business Class seats are in rows 5 to 21. The seat layout from left to right for rows 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, and 20 is A, aisle, D, F, aisle, H. These seats come with a table on the right. This is the seat map for the Boeing 777-300ER New 212 seats. There are 8 First Class, 64 Business Class, 24 Premium Economy, and 116 Economy Class.

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The aircraft is configured for 331 passengers in three classes, with 219 economy class seats, 56 premium economy and 56 business class seats. The British Airways A350-1000 seat plan is available. Note: Specifications are listed as standard and may vary slightly. Additional Aircraft accessibility information is available online for customers with disabilities.. Definitions. Seat Pitch: The measure of legroom that refers to the space between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front of it. Seat Width: The distance between the inner sides of the armrests on a seat

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It is the earlier model with very narrow seating in economy, and only basic recliners in business and first class: it has a reputation for not being the best aircraft, and should be avoided in preference for the Emirates A380 Emirates Boeing 777-200LR business class: seat map The new business class cabins have 38 fully-flat seats arranged six. I had a chance to test British Airways' A380 business class seat during my August 2017 trip from London to Los Angeles and back. This was my second Airbus A380 flight during 2017, the first being Qatar Airways flight from Doha (DOH) to Bangkok (BKK).This time I had booked a return flight on the same plane, so I am going to compare my experiences on both legs in this article Seating plan arrangement. This plane has 6 sections, with 2 Business class sections at the front of the plane followed by a Premium Economy class section and 3 Economy class sections. Toilet suitable for passengers with reduced mobility is located at the end of the front-most Business class section. Emergency exit rows are located at the end of. · The business class product that BA offers is pretty much identical across its fleet and I have already reviewed business class or Club World on the Dreamliner B787-9, and on BA's 777.While BA raised the bar for business class a decade ago with the introduction of the first fully lie-flat seat, it is now outclassed by some of its.

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Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER Seat: 4A (Business Class) Onboard, I was welcomed by a smiling Dutch crew and found my seat in row four. KLM 777-300ER Business Class Seating. The business class seats onboard the 777-300ER are arranged 2-2-2, meaning window seats do not have direct aisle access We travelled from London to Tokyo in British Airways' 777-300ER First Class using Avios and evaluated the food, seat, cabin crew and more For your next British Airways flight, use this seating chart to get the most comfortable seats, legroom, and recline on . British Airways Boeing 777-300 (773) Seat Map; Info; Photos; Click any seat for more information. Key. J ©2018 TRIPADVISOR LLC FIRST CLUB.

Boeing 777-300. Our 777-300 aircraft offers a revolutionary new way to travel long haul. Class Configuration Seat pitch * Business Premier: Rows 1 to 12 (44 seats) Fully lie-flat bed: Premium Economy: Rows 23 to 30 (54 seats) 41 - 42 (104 - 106cm) Seat map. Roll over the seating areas to check out the features you'll find on-board.. Seat and cabin The seats are supremely comfortable. Before settling on their design BA employed an ergonomics consultancy which used techniques ranging from sleep trials to pressure mapping to tell which configurations worked best british airways 777 business class is free HD wallpaper was upload by Admin. Download this image for free in HD resolution the choice download button below. If you do not find the exact resolution you are looking for, then go for a native or higher resolution The new Club Suite product promises a vast improvement to the Club World seat currently in service, which is widely considered to be severely outdated. While other carriers had introduced industry-leading products such as Qatar's Qsuite and the Delta One Suite, BA for long had continued to offer a 2-4-2-arranged business-class cabin British Airways announced a dramatic update to its Club World business class back in March when it unveiled all-new suite-style seats with closing doors. Initially slated to be installed on the.

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Info. JAL has decided to accelerate the retirement of all P&W equipped Boeing 777 by March 2021, which is originally planned by March 2022. Passengers who have reservation on P&W equipped Boeing 777 Aircraft will be transferred to substitute aircraft in order. Pre-selected seat numbers may change without prior notice, in case of aircraft. Seat map: British Airways Boeing 777 seat plan - Airrevie . Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 777 300ER Two Class V1 Etihad Airways. This version of Boeing 777-300ER may accommodate 412 passengers in two classes: business and economy. First 7 rows represent seats of business class. There are totally 28 flat bed seats here per 4 in each row My seat, #3L. In each seat, you get your own little pod. Seat configuration of the 777-200. The Business Class cabin is split up into 2 parts and separated by a curtain. I was in the front. Every seat has direct aisle access. And they alternate between forward- and backward-facing

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American Airlines Business class seats are only 1.5 inches wider than premium economy so the only real difference is the flatbed. Looking at economy vs premium economy, American Airlines Premium Economy is definitely worth it at about double the price of an economy seat over the 15 odd hours in the air of a London-New York return flight Business class space description. The seat pitch in Business class on Boeing 777 is 152.4 cm. The seat can be fixed in various positions, including horizontally, so you will be able to rest during the flight. For the comfort of Business class passengers, there are separate toilets at the front of the plane With Business Class now a closed suite, First Class stood out as still lacking in privacy, so in BA's latest design doors have been added to these seats too in the carrier's newly configured Boeing 777-300ER aircraft (the A350s don't have a First Class section) Air New Zealand bassinet. On international flights our Boeing 777-200, 777-300, and 787-9 aircraft may offer seats with bassinets that are: Designed for infants up to 8 months old and 11.8kg (26lb) Made up with sheets, a pillow and blankets. 73.66cm (29in) long and 34.29cm (13.5in) wide British Airways Economy vs Premium Economy Pricing. How much more are you going to pay? For this British Airways Premium Economy review, we took at look at two international flights and pricing for the British Airways Premium Economy 777, A380, 747, and 787 as compared to Economy and Business Class.. Flights are all round trips booked 30 days in advance

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Airline seat maps for over 250 airlines with hundreds of cabin seat charts for long haul and short haul airplanes. The airline seat maps are updated directly by airlines and offer the most up-to-date guides available. Economy Class Seat Reviews : A-Z Airline Index. How to choose the best airline seat Seat was comfortable but there was no big difference with business class seats from British Airways. The privacy is good and the food is average for being a first class. The kit of pijamas, and refreshing bag has a very good quality. It was a nice experience but I do not see any big difference to BA business class experience Aircraft: Boeing 777-300. Seat: 2A. Cost: €1200 for DUB-LHR-NYC return in Business Class. 20k Avios to upgrade to First Class on this sector. Flight date: August 2015. Jump straight to the Conclusion. Gate A10 is a bus gate at LHR. I'm not kidding when I say we were on that bus for the better part of 15 minutes

The Airbus A350 of British Airways comes with a massive Business Class (or Club World) cabin. There's a total of 14 rows, 11 of those in one massive cabin and three in a smaller one behind the galley. The 1-2-1 configuration looks a little bit dense when seeing it for the first time, which is also due to the pricavy that these seats feature My seat was 7K, in the second Business Class cabin sharing with 28 other passengers. There are a total of 40 seats in Business Class, spanning across 2 cabins. Etihad B777-300/ER 3 class seat map; The best seat on the Etihad B777-300/ER Business Class is in row 5, which is located in the first smaller section right after First Class British Airways Boeing 777-300ER Cabin. British Airways 777-300ERs are equipped with 299 seats in four classes - 14 in first class, 56 in business or Club World as the airline calls it, 44 in premium economy or World Traveller Plus, and 185 in economy or World Traveller. While I didn't have a chance to peak into the first class as it was to the left of the L2 door through which I boarded. Boeing 777-200 Business Class, Seat 5H Introduction When we originally booked our flights to Spain for New Year's, we weren't able to find many options for the return flight: no Star Alliance, oneworld, or SkyTeam airline had two award seats available from Europe to the US during the first few days of January, and paid fares were crazy expensive The flight between Moscow and Tokyo was operated by a Boeing 787-8 with an E12 configuration. You can see the official seat map here. It has 30 Business Class seats and 156 Economy Class seats, making the total seat count just 186. This E12 configuration JAL B787-8 is mainly deployed on JAL long haul flights such as Moscow, San Diego, Seattle.

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Austrian Airlines 777-200 business class cabin. It kind of looks as if that woman on the far left is highly disappointed that she can still see the guy next to her. These seats are definitely not private! My immediate first impressions of Austrian Airlines business class on the 777 were quite good Seeing as though our original flight was from Buenos Aires on American's 77W in a great Cirrus fitted business class, flying on an old United plane was a significant downgrade. Then that all changed. The night before there was an equipment change, and we got a retrofitted plane 777-200 with United's stunning new business class The seats are 20 inches wide and 72 inches in pitch/bed length. The seat map looks as follows: British Airways 787-9 business class seat map British Airways' new Boeing 777-300ER jets will include upgraded first class suites with sliding doors, a spokesperson for the airline has confirmed to Executive Traveller.

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We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. BA 777-200/ER Three Class Layout V2. I can't wrap my head around how you were actually able to escape BA's 747 upper deck business class for so long. BA 777 Business Class: 48 seats rated 9/10 Pitch 7 Mehron's 777-300ER refurbished Emirates Business Class Verdict: 4.5/6 stars. A good business seat which could be further improved with a better lounge experience and more food variety

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Enjoy the most memorable flying experience in the world. Experience the world's most memorable destinations with an unforgettable journey in the World's Best Business Class, as recognised by 2019 Skytrax World Airline Awards and 2019 TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Awards. At Qatar Airways, we strive for excellence in everything we do Cathay Pacific 777-300ER business class seat. Very little compares to stepping onto a plane after midnight and being welcomed by your own private lie-flat seat. As I mentioned, Cathay Pacific 777-300ER business class has a reverse herringbone configuration. Every seat has direct aisles access and substantial privacy in a 1-2-1 layout Boeing 777-300ER. We added the Boeing 777-300ER, a lengthier version of the 777-200ER, to our fleet in 2004. This triple seven can accelerate from 0 to 96 km/h in just 6 seconds, due to its twin-jet engines that equal 175,000 horsepower. That's why they are listed as the most powerful jet engines in the Guinness Book of Records

Seat selection. The Qatar Airways A350-900s with Super Diamond Business Class have 36 of these seats installed. They are split across two cabin sections, a larger forward zone of six rows (rows 1 to 6) with 24 seats in total, then a small three-row cabin (rows 7 to 9) with 12 seats 777-200. The British Airways 777-200 has four rows with a total of 14 seats. So like the A380 it is going to be one of the more crowded first class cabin experiences. Some 200s are only three class aircraft and do not come with a first class cabin. 777-300. The British Airways 777-300 is going to be very similar to the 777-200 configuration with 32 flat bed Business Class seats, 48 Premium Economy seats, and 252 standard Economy Class seats. SeatGuru Seat Map British Airways A Emirates Boeing 777 economy class review shows the best seats are normally regarded as 22A & 22K, however they are blighted b Business Class - American Boeing 777-300ER. If the seat on American Airlines Business Class looks familiar, that's because it is. American Airlines is using the same seat design as Cathay Pacific. Due to the width of the 777, the new seat configuration also offers passengers by the windows solo seats, and those in the centre section two seats. Cathay Pacific has by far the best business class seat flying direct between London and Hong Kong, as Virgin Atlantic and British Airways both have subpar business class seats. Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 Business Class. At my seat I was provided with a large, plush pillow, as well as a day blanket (night bedding was provided with turndown service)